Mario Emes

Mario Emes has exhibited his work since the early 1980's in European and American galleries and museums. He lives and works in New York.

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 New Work - 2015-2017

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Cultural sciences practice pneumatology with an empirical disposition.  For the now, this program can only be carried out by reconstruction and accumulation, because the "thing itself," the universe of influence climata of designed atmospheres, of modified airs and of adjusted, measured, legalized environments, has - with the very far reaching advances in the explication of natural scientific, technical, military, legislative legal, architectonic and artistic spheres - gained an almost unbeatable head start over the attempt to formulate concepts in cultural theory.  As a result, the soundest approach for cultural theory to take would seem to be, in a first phase of self-confirmation, to orient itself with respect to the most highly-developed forms of scientic atmospheric description, that is meteorology and climatology, after which it could then devote itself to exploring climatic and air phenomena that are more apposite to culture and closer to persons.

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